Judy Pearson is an award-winning author and international speaker originally from Michigan. She has authored three books including two WWII biographies on ordinary people displaying exemplary courage.

In 2011, Judy Pearson received a breast cancer diagnosis. However, it was not the treatment process or the diagnosis that brought a challenge to her lifelong optimism, but rather the survivorship issues that she encountered. Her cancer encounter motivated her to write the book, It’s Just Fair which is about twenty fundamental lessons in life. In 2012, the book was a finalist in the International Book Award and contains practical lessons for any life challenge. It was during her survivorship journey that Judy Pearson and Karen Shayne became acquainted later launching the Women Survivors Alliance.

The two women formed the perfect team. Judy Pearson had been committed to helping women and developing communities even prior to her cancer diagnosis. In 2005, Judy formed the organization Courage Concepts committed to building courage in girls and women. Already an experienced workshop leader and keynote speaker, Judy became a crucial part of the Women Survivors Alliance by helping the organization communicate its message effectively.

Presently, Judy Pearson spends her time managing the National Women’s Survivors Convention and the Women Survivors Alliance alongside Karen Shayne. Judy balances these roles together with other aspects of her life such as writing, advocacy for female cancer survivors, as well as inspiring women across the world through her message of determination and courage. She divides her time between a Michigan lake house with David, her husband, and Chicago. Ranking at the top of Judy’s list of activities to do include a relaxing drink enjoying the sunset, reading a great book, long energy walks, and trips to the gym.

Led by Karen Shayne and Judy Pearson, the Women Survivors Alliance has assumed the responsibility of addressing the challenges surrounding survivorship for women, their families, and consequently, the community they reside in. The organization shares how people who have experienced some of the toughest forms of adversity have dealt with the challenge, and by doing so have inspired many women around the world. Through various issues of magazines, the organization has provided readers with various practical strategies about cancer survivorship, wellness and health, inspiration, relationships, career, money, and much more. The Women Survivors Alliance encourages women to have hope in the face of their diagnosis, and during the course of their survivorship journey. In doing so, the nonprofit organization has impacted and transformed women’s lives across the world.