Welcome to SURVIVORville Survivor Designer Laura Mac! - Women Survivors Alliance
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Welcome to SURVIVORville Survivor Designer Laura Mac!

Welcome to SURVIVORville Survivor Designer Laura Mac!

Laura Mac is addicted to home improvement and she’s bringing it to SURVIVORville 2017!

You might remember this southern charm from her TLC’s Flip That House fame a few years back. Now, Laura Mac is a breast cancer survivor living life and now she’s giving back.

Feeling like a new start or have a tired room that might need a fresh look? Laura Mac will bring her talent to a unique empowerment session to help you give a little lift to the spirit in your home!

The big news? She’s looking for a survivors room to redo! Do you know a survivor who needs a fresh look to a space? If so, to Laura Mac wants to know! She’s taking her pink hammer and big smile into the home of a survivor to bring a little joy after a recent diagnosis. If you have someone you wish to nominate for this home improvement treat, please email us today and let’s talk!