Survivor Ambassadors - Women Survivors Alliance
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Survivor Ambassadors

WSA Survivor State Ambassador Program

At the 2013 National Women Survivors Convention, many of our survivor attendees asked how they could become more involved with the efforts of the Women Survivors Alliance to spread survivorship awareness beyond one weekend. We realized how sincere that offer was and took it very seriously. Introducing the WSA Survivor State Ambassador program!

This program does not create chapters; rather it calls for a volunteer from each state who is strategically minded, organized and passionate about the work we do. They’ll lead their state on behalf of the WSA to bring survivorship issues to the forefront of our healthcare world, as well as create awareness for the educational programs we offer.

What does a Survivor State Ambassador do?

1. She is the state point person representing the WSA!

Our Survivor State Ambassadors play a crucial role in establishing relationships with hospitals, healthcare organizations and others, sharing information about the work of the WSA. That might also include meetings with those entities to help us learn what survivors of that state are most in need of, and assisting in the planning of Plum Life Clubs.

2. She forms teams to oversee WSA grassroots activities within her state!

Our Survivor State Ambassadors work directly with fellow cancer survivors to build a strong and influential awareness program for survivorship.They can also be the WSA representatives at other cancer organization or healthcare events.

3. She helps promote the National Women Survivors Convention within her state!

The Survivor State Ambassadors may also help with the planning of the convention, welcoming attendees from their states. And of course, a special reception will be held at the convention for all the Survivor State Ambassadors to network.

4. She assists in fundraising efforts.

Our Survivor State Ambassadors might host Paint Your Pinkie Purple Parties, Celebrate Survivors 5K walks and runs, and form teams to participate in other walk/runs. The possibilities are limited only by their creativity and the law!

5. She assists WSA leadership in the recognition of significant survivor efforts made in her state!

Our Survivor State Ambassadors will help the WSA honor those individuals or organizations, lending more attention to our ultimate goal: To establish a network where women affected by cancer can find their voice, improve their quality of life, and embrace their new normal.

Interested in more information? Contact Karen or Judy.