The Spotlight Is Growing on My 2nd Act! - Women Survivors Alliance
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The Spotlight Is Growing on My 2nd Act!

The Spotlight Is Growing on My 2nd Act!

The Women Survivors Alliance/Vrtuo Interactive Network’s new show-stopping format for My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage has some new faces sharing the spotlight with the charismatic and sweet tea loving lead and founder, Karen Shayne.  Joining her as Co-Hosts of the show for red carpet interviews, behind the scenes scoops and shenanigans are Nashville WSA survivors, Jessica Meyer and Linda Ragsdale.

Jessica is a rocketing star who has been the keynote speaker, fundraiser, and smile-maker for hundreds of events bringing vast awareness and advocacy to pediatric cancer.  It’s no wonder this media darling is one of the 2015-16 Champion Ambassadors for Children’s Miracle Network. She’s appeared with Jack Black, Donald Faison and Brett Dalton as a super hero cancer buster. She’s also interviewed Marie Osmond and a host of other celebrities. And she’s only thirteen.  While being a stellar student in her 8th grade class and doing kid stuff, this sprite will supercharge the hearts and hopes of cast, crew and audiences alike.

Joining Jessica is the storytelling extraordinaire, Linda Ragsdale. Linda’s picture book peace series from Flower Pot Press will grow to four titles this Spring, as she continues to help kids of all ages find their inner peace. Linda is president and chief muse of The Peace Dragon, international speaker, 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack survivor, Tedx presenter, author and peace teacher. She’s taught over 30,000 students and drawn over 23,000 peace dragons around the world.  “I couldn’t be more honored, excited or blessed to be a part of this hosting cast and this entire movement to bring a new face to the journey through and beyond cancer,” says Linda Ragsdale. “Jessica is so much fun to hang with. If you’ve lost your inner child, Jess will re-introduce you to her!”

Karen, Jessica and Linda each represent a distinct area of survivorship, and together, they’re the new feminine power team taking to the virtual waves and into neighborhoods and stages everywhere.

The television debut for My 2nd Act will be October 18th on Vrtuo Interactive Network.