The Survivor Collection™ - Women Survivors Alliance
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The Survivor Collection™

636052238525468750_survivor-1220x320The Survivor Collection™ is a story of celebration inspired by the true story of two special friends—one battling cancer the other supporting and championing her friend through her struggle, and the search for something special to symbolize the brilliant promise of the future ahead. Trying to find a piece of jewelry to commemorate her friend’s long journey and triumphant recovery only provided pink ribbon-themed items to promote awareness but nothing that celebrated the survivor. The Survivor Collection™ was born.

This beautiful collection featuring unique three-stone rings and necklaces celebrating a cancer survivor’s journey is available in 10k white gold or sterling silver. Set with Swarovski® Genuine Topaz by Swarovski Gems™, featuring two brilliant white stones on the sides, and one colorful stone in the center. The placement of the gems symbolizes the survivor’s three part journey; life before cancer, the diagnosis, and that beautiful moment cancer survivorship brings new clarity to your life.

Each recipient receives a card congratulating her on being a survivor, a designation one receives from the moment of diagnosis, which also introduces My 2nd Act, an outlet to tell their story which is produced by the Women Survivors Alliance. As one survivor noted, “There is a circle of giving and receiving in the cancer community that is like no other.” You are giving the ultimate gift with the purchase of the Survivor Collection—not only a stunning piece of symbolic jewelry plus a whole community to tell their story, but also to gain even more support and give back to the women who follow them on their own cancer journey, each with their own stories. Free marketing material is available to support this new collection.

The Survivor Collection™ is beautiful, brilliant, and impressive, just like the survivors it celebrates.

The best is yet to come.

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