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my2ndactHave you created a 2nd Act after your cancer diagnosis? Are you touching the lives of other survivors? That’s what My 2nd Act essays are all about.

And we want one from you!

Cancer drew a line in the sand of your life. What are you doing with the time you’ve been given and the wealth of experience you now possess?

How are you lending a hand to your sister survivors?

It matters not whether your 2nd Act is large or small. Touching just one life is a story worthy of sharing with others. And your 2nd Act story of helping other survivors becomes valuable lessons to all who read them, who in turn can create their OWN 2nd Acts!

All submitted 2nd Act Essays will be showcased in a powerful exhibit, prominently displayed at the 2014 National Women’s Survivors Convention. Convention attendees will have the opportunity to read the essays, and write notes on those that best resonate with them.

Going forward each year, more My 2nd Act Essays will be added to the wall and displayed in full at all future conventions.
And while we hope you will, you DO NOT have to attend the convention to submit an essay.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Link here to learn more and submit TODAY! www.survivorsconvention.com.