Jonny Imerman is Comin' to SURVIVORville! - Women Survivors Alliance
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Jonny Imerman is Comin’ to SURVIVORville!

Jonny Imerman is Comin’ to SURVIVORville!

jonny“What if every cancer fighter could talk to a cancer survivor, who not only had beaten the same type of cancer, but who also was around the same age and gender as the fighter?” That was the dream founder Jonny Imerman had after fighting his own cancer battle at the age of 26.

With more than 4,000 cancer survivors and more than1,500 caregivers in the network, the founder of Imerman Angels has a great deal to share with survivors. And Jonny Imerman will share those stories in SURVIVORville!

Jonny has been featured on Dr. Oz, CNN, NPR, and numerous other radio and television programs. He’s received the 2012 CNN Hero Award, 2012 Susan G. Komen “Pink Tie Guy” Award, the 2010 University of Michigan Humanitarian Service Award, and many more.

Don’t miss Jonny’s insights into what true survivorship (and a 2nd Act) means!