Get Involved with WSA! - Women Survivors Alliance
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Get Involved with WSA!

Support Survivors

Some have given their time. Some have given goods and services. Still others have provided us with financial support. Regardless of their level of involvement, we appreciate the many individuals and organizations who help us educate, motivate and honor SURVIVORS.

There are many ways you can become a part of this list:

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners help fuel our educational programs in a big way. Click on their logos to learn more about their companies and organizations. Learn more about Partnerships and Sponsorships here.

Join the WSA as we partner with Cancer Today Magazine.


Our sponsors support us either financially, in-kind, or by spreading the word about the WSA throughout their networks.

Learn more about Partnerships and Sponsorships here

Connect with your local ambassadors to see how you can help in your community to learn more about the work we’re doing.

Know someone you’d like to suggest for your state? Please let us know!

Are you into social media? Really good at databases? Love graphic arts? A top notch stamp licker? Have other skills you’re anxious to share? No matter where you are in the country, you’ve come to the right place! Contact us and let’s talk!

Remember the saying, “Every journey begins with the first step?” The same is true with donations. It doesn’t matter whether you have $10, $100, or thousands of dollars, EVERY dollar helps us fulfill our mission of creating a network of education, motivation and life application for survivors. We thank you in advance for your help.


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